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    The machine can produce paper bags of various sizesThe machine can produce paper bags of various sizes

    The main purpose of the paper bag machine

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    Mechanical characteristics of disposable respiratorMechanical characteristics of disposable respirator

    Machine Features: the machine is compact, small size, small footprint, high stability, excellent performance, hopper can automatically stop,

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    Characteristics of disposable respiratorCharacteristics of disposable respirator

    1, Machine Compact, small size, do not take up space;
    2, PLC program control, high stability, low failure rate;

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    Work flow of disposable mask machineWork flow of disposable mask machine

    Only one person needs to place the mask body on the conveyor belt of the machine, the rest of the follow-up work will be completed automatically.

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    Details of the disposable face mask machineDetails of the disposable face mask machine

    The face mask machine, also called the face mask flaking machine, is used for automatic production of multi-layer material plane face mask finished products. It can use 1 ~ 4 layers PP spunbonded non-woven fabric, active carbon and filter material.

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    Brief introduction of disposable mask machineBrief introduction of disposable mask machine

    The disposable mask machine is also called the disposable mask manufacturing machine. It consists of three production lines of different disposable masks, including the mask machine for the inner ear, the mask machine for the outer ear, and the band mask machine.

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    Classification of hand bag bottom gluing machineClassification of hand bag bottom gluing machine

    Glue machine is generally divided into zipper glue machine, automatic carton glue machine, sealing type strong glue machine, White Glue Machine / coater, strong glue machine, Resin Glue machine, Yellow Glue Machine, coater, hot Sol machine, etc. ,

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    Application of bottom gluing machine for handbagApplication of bottom gluing machine for handbag

    Gluing machine, one of the auxiliary equipment in production, is mainly used to finish gluing process in the process of paperboard gluing into carton after die-cutting.

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    Main uses of tote bagMain uses of tote bag

    From tote bag packaging to tote bag printing to use, not only to provide convenience for shoppers, but also can take the opportunity to promote products or brands again.

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    A brief introduction to the handbagA brief introduction to the handbag

    ​Handbag is a simple bag, made of paper, plastic, non-woven industrial cardboard and so on. Such products are often used by manufacturers to hold products;

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    How a printing press worksHow a printing press works

    The principle of digital printing is basically the same as that of inkjet printer printing. In short, digital printing is to input the pattern into a computer in digital form,

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    Basic introduction of printing machineBasic introduction of printing machine

    At home and abroad: Printing machine is mainly divided into: heat transfer printing machine, digital printing machine (universal printer) flat screen printing machine and Rotary screen printing machine,

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    The purpose of bag-making machineThe purpose of bag-making machine

    We are generally used for summer clothing such as shirts, skirts, pants, socks, towels, bread and accessories bags. Usually this kind of bag has self-adhesive on top, and can be sealed directly after being packed into the product.

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    Equipment characteristics of compound machineEquipment characteristics of compound machine

    you can glue two layers of material at the same time, so that the composite fastness is better. Can also be used to three layers of thin materials one-time gluing, improve production efficiency, reduce production costs.

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    Classification of compound machineClassification of compound machine

    Application: This machine is suitable for surface gluing of fabrics, non-woven fabrics, sponges, etc. . FEATURES: The use of double pulp groove, can be two layers of fabric glue at the same time, improve the adhesion fastness.

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    The purpose of the laminating machineThe purpose of the laminating machine

    It is used in tape casting film, Air permeable film and non-woven fabric. Applicable to baby diapers, medical protective clothing, food desiccant packaging bags and other industrial products.

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    Characteristics of laminating machineCharacteristics of laminating machine

    Generally speaking, the laminating machine is a kind of laminating equipment in home textile, clothing, furniture, automobile interior decoration and other related industries, which is mainly used in two-layer or multi-layer laminating process of various fabrics, leather, film, paper, sponge, etc. .

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    Definition of compound machineDefinition of compound machine

    ​A broad definition (English: Laminator or Laminating Machine) is one that combines two or more layers of the same or different materials such as cloth and cloth,

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    Market investigation of non-woven cloth bagMarket investigation of non-woven cloth bag

    In Shenzhen each big market and the supermarket, the merchant sells or the free gift environmental protection shopping bag color is different, the thickness is different, the type also as many as dozens.

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    Machine characteristics of non-woven bag-making machineMachine characteristics of non-woven bag-making machine

    The use of Ultrasonic welding, free of needle and thread, eliminating the need for frequent needle and thread changes,

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